Come in as you are, leave renewed! It's your time to shine!

We feel, think and believe that it is important for you to start wherever you are in your healing process. We give you the best case scenarios for your health success, but there is no judgement about what you eat or your lifestyle choices. We are here to help you achieve your goals not to tell you how to live.  All of us at Evoke Healing Space believe there is no Bad or Good, right or wrong, just Good, Better, Best.

We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can help you thrive!

Our healing services

We offer a range of services dedicated to giving you a fresh take on your life. Feel free to take a look at a few of our services below. Click the button to schedule your appointment. We’re ready to help you with the fresh start you need!

Life Changing Skills

Learn to believe in who you are and become the person you choose to be!

Colon Hydrotherapy

We know you are serious about improving your immune system to an optimum level, so consider the relationship between Colonics and your Immune system!

Laser/LED Therapy

Increases the production of ATP, helping in the relief of pain and inflammation and restoration of function from sports injuries and other conditions.

Magical Food Prep

We all know how to diet. Join us and the Chefs from Bend and let us show you how to cook fast and easy.


High Vibe Homeopathic Formulas
Young Living Essential Oils
Nature's Sunshine
Yon-Ka Paris Skincare